Train 05683- A Poem? A Prelude? Brainstorming?

I had this whole thought for a book. It would be a love story but more one about finding yourself and how love can be a catalyst, the vehicle (a “train”) for that very self discovery. Below is my brainstorming of this idea in the form of stanzas. To call it a poem or not? Ehh, who cares.


A haughty man, but smart.

He has it all figured out, he believes.

A condo in the city, a Porsche and the finer things.

This what he calls love.

A love of material possession.

It is a pity, for this love is only what he can see.

Yet, his heart has never felt another,

Their warmth, their touch, and the palpitation it brings.

He sees no need, for he is satisfied with all of these things.


She stumbles and falls on the train platform,

With no one around to help her recover.

It is no problem, for she has lived a life on her own.

Mrs. Independent, is not only the book title she carries.

She recomposed herself quickly, with only a scratch on the knee.

Her responsibility had always been far greater than her own.

In a home of four and a father,

She was the oldest of the bunch,

An irresponsible parent transformed this daughter into a mother.

Now she is grown and her days feel fulfilled,

Both her work days and weekends consist of the same,

Alone in her room she is satisfied,

Does not need anyone, she believes.

The love for her books and writings will do.

She questions what else could she need?


Is there more to love? What is to be learned from these two?


Just Write!

I recently heard a TED talk a man was giving about his accomplishment of writing a novel in 30 days. Yes, 1 month. 50,000 words. The man joked how this book was no New York Times Best Selling novel but the completion in and of itself had been his reward.

In reflecting upon this man’s achievement and my own yearning to one day become an author “someday”, I thought “Why can’t ‘someday’ be today? Right?”

Wait, could I do that? Little ol’ me?! But Alex, do you even have a story to tell? Silly. EVERYONE has a story to tell. We don’t all live the same life, right? True. In fact, the fantasy of only “someday” writing a novel had stemmed from my belief that I don’t have enough experience in life or writing yet. But, in putting this task in a perspective parallel to the attitude of the TED speaker, WHO CARES IF IT SUCKS? START! This guy didn’t even expect his novel to be good, he just set out to write one in 30 days and he did.

The thought about the process in completing a book in 30 days is intimidating yet exhilarating! Just for the fun of it! That’s the thing. When we take our goals and aspirations too seriously, sometimes we ironically discourage ourselves from ever taking action. Instead, approaching a journey as leisure rather than a job, inspires action!

So, should I do it? Well, to get a feel for this challenge, my first task will be to finish the children’s book I wrote inspired by my grandma. I continually tell myself I will draw the illustrations and publish it into a book for her “someday”. Well, this month’s goal is to complete that (freaking) book! It’s already written for goodness sake! What the heck am I waiting for? Plus! Nowadays there are sites like, which allow you to self-publish and produce a physical book on your own. All of the resources are there! Let’s do it!

I am currently only 4 days into these work-in-progress illustrations, and sheesh, is it tough! Still, I am having a great time because I am envisioning the result throughout the process and the joy this book will bring my grandmother. Though these may be illustrations only a grandmother can love, boy, will she! The smile it will put on her face is all the motivation I need. 🙂


Last Month’s Writing Goal:

  • Begin a blog.- CHECK

This Month’s Writing Goal:

  • Complete children’s book and publish by April 30th, 2018.