Feel > Think

I recently heard an Abraham Hicks talk about relationships and connection. Hicks spoke about the relationship between physical distance and emotional distance, arguing there is no correlation. I suppose this can be illustrated by that friend you may not speak to everyday or see even every month, but we you are back together, it is like there had never been time apart.

However, in a romantic relationship, she mentions we sometimes have differing expectations to see our partner more, talk to them more, etc. in an attempt to sustain connectedness. It is understandable to feel some sort of disconnect or distance when there are lags in the time spent together, but she discusses the relation between energies and human connectedness to disprove such dire need.

She argues that the energies we have harbored from the initial spark in connection have been due to our own independent energy, which had attracted the energy of the other from the get-go. As a result, a common connectedness is formed. We have felt this connection inherently because it is our connection with ourselves, essentially, which allowed us to feel the connection to another person with a similar connection within themselves.

Her point being that as long as both partners are sustaining their own energies within themselves, they can only sustain a connection with one another regardless of distance and time apart. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low, right?

I thought this was such an interesting concept to think about. I believe this goes back to condition and how many times we wish to gauge the connection in our relationships by what we do for one another, what he or she bought the other, the hours spend together, when in reality, connectedness is within ourselves. Though these are important component to relationships, they are conditions of one person influencing another. Rather, Hicks is arguing that we must more importantly have that influence over ourselves and maintain our inner connection in order to feel the connection of another.

As a tip to people who are looking to feel more connected and loved by their friends, family and partners, Hicks encourages us to FEEL rather than THINK. What that means to me is, visualize your love for your partner, for example, feel that warmth, feel that jump in your heart, feel their touch. That is the love of your partner, and that is connection you manifested. If we could all channel this sort of intimacy in our relationships, how could we ever feel disconnected? It would be difficult to.

STILL! This practice alone is definitely a discipline and is not easy with all of the chaos that goes on in our daily lives, but it is our job to recognize that feeling of disconnect, regroup with ourselves, do not think question or worry about this feeling, but rather, accept it and begin the practice of feeling and channeling the energy and love being emitted from your partner, whether you are with them or not.

I almost picture it like a phone trying to get a signal when turned off. It’s not going to happen. If we cannot have a solid charge and connection with ourselves first, we cannot expect to be capable of sending out our receptors to find a connection with another. We must first GIVE power, strength and love to another in order to feel and ACCEPT power strength and love from another.

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