Patience or Procrastination?

As someone who is a big goal-setter, positive thinker and visualizer, it is tough to face the feeling of not doing enough to achieve your goals. Of course, we can convince ourselves that we are taking action by talking about our goals, reading about ways to achieve our goals, etc. but until actions are being taken, there is little to no progress being had. I have faced this sort of reality of mine with a question of whether I am doing too little in taking the actions necessary to move my goals forward or if I should be more patient. I had been thankfully reminded that we all get distracted from our focus at one time or another and we also cannot be too hard on ourselves if actions are being taken but still feel we can be doing more. Still, we cannot also mistaken patience with procrastination.

I then began to think about the way to distinguish patience from procrastination, and that is with the assessment of actions we have or have not been taking. In this consideration I think there three questions we can ask ourselves to make this determination. They are the following:

  1. What actions are taking to move our goals forward?
  2. What actions can we be taking to move our goals forward?
  3. What is preventing us from taking these actions?

I have been pondering these questions for myself and my goals. My answers are the following:

  1. Searching for and analyzing homes daily/ weekly, obtaining real estate license, learning from professionals in daily life, viewing properties
  2. Submitting offers on properties
  3. Not finding a home suited for my criteria
    1. Why?
      1. Perhaps I am being too picky in a home selection; analysis paralysis as some may call it
      2. Perhaps I can be doing better strategically and more aggressively in finding what I consider to be a “deal”
      3. Perhaps I can be shamelessly submitting “low-ball” offers on potential properties

What I do not feel is a barrier in this quest is my fear in owning a home, being a landlord, or having the financials to take on this initial step. Strangely enough, these fears might be what hold many people back from following through on purchasing a home. Regardless, my barrier of not finding a suitable deal by not taking more aggressive action is preventing me from achieving my goal.

What I am trying to convey is that in being patient, actions are being taken, while in procrastination, we are not taking action but rather expect things to happen for us in time. If we are taking any action, big or small, we can only accept ourselves and tell ourselves we are enough regardless of our judgment on our own progress. You’re doing things. That’s all that should matter.

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