Forgiving Yourself

Last month I had mentioned I set a goal to complete the children’s book inspired by my grandmother. I worked on the story weekly, but I do have to admit my failure. The book was not finished by the end of the month. Instead of being disappointed and upset with myself for not fulfilling my promise, I decided to forgive myself and continue it as a part of this new month’s goal. I can make all of the excuses in the world for why it was not completed, from my hand cramping up as I began draw and color or not having enough time, but I will not.

I did not accomplish this goal, and that’s it. It just IS.

By taking an objective approach to our accomplishments, we are less likely to judge our progress or lack thereof. As a result, how can we possibly become upset with ourselves? Let it go. Why should we be upset when we do not reach a goal? Is this then an excuse to give it up completely? Not continue on our mission towards it? No! Let’s not be discouraged by failure, but rather use it as motivation to move forward and continue.

Conversely, be excited that you made the progress you did and move forward! Does this goal suddenly stop being a goal after not completing it in the expected timeframe? That would be silly and I think many things would never have been created if many innovators gave up after they had failed.

The most famous example I can think of is how Thomas Edison made 2000 or so inventions before success with the light bulb. What if he gave up and called himself a failure after the first, the second, the THOUSANDTH? We might just be sitting in the dark right now!

All I’m saying is to forgive yourself when you fail at something, and move on. Finish! Or don’t! Regardless, don’t judge yourself for it.

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