Free from conditioning.

Think of all of the things we do, the thoughts we have, and our perceptions that are a result of conditioning. Conditioning is often the product of our upbringing and environments. All of our lives we are told what things are “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong” before even being given the opportunity to create an unbiased opinion for ourselves. These conditions can have us grow up close-minded, only attracted to people with similar conditioning and worldly lifestyles.

An example of common conditioning is the stereotypes we are told of others that we may carry with us throughout our lives. For (personal) example, I grew up in a town of people who were predominantly of Italian descent. I myself being of Italian descent, had been encouraged to make friends with those of the kind since we all went to the same school, same church, and were from the same culture. Sounds compatible, right? Well, maybe on paper. However, as a child, none of my friends were of Italian descent at all. Other Italian kids would then question me, “Alex, why do you hang out with them?” In my child-mind, I truly did not understand this question since my answer was simply, “Because they are my friends.” Was I to elaborate? Were they looking for an explanation? What were they looking for? Now, as an adult, it is interesting to think about the conditioning we learn as children and the judgment of others that may even continue into adulthood if we are not aware of it.

In having this deeper understanding of conditioning, I can now understand why people have trouble connecting with one another. We are sometimes so conditioned to judge someone for their status, background, culture, job, net worth, we ignore the true source of connection, the soul, the inner self. In not being aware of this, we allow for worldly factors to blind us of our potential for TRUE connection of soul to soul, rather than the connection of human to human. While the soul to soul connection is one built by common values of kindness, love, vulnerability, genuineness, warmth, and care, the human to human connection is often build by common interest such as culture, gossip, circumstance, proximity and other worldly, fleeting factors.

Most times in our lives we are quick to assume connection because of our first encounter of it on a worldly level—these are common interests, common friends, common situations one may share with another. But, sometimes we may fail to look further into the values of a person to see if there are also shared commonalities there, between the inner self.

Here we find unconditional connection and judgment-free love for one another. Here there cannot be conditioning, for we are freeing ourselves of worldly influence, recognizing values of the inner self, unclouded by the outer world. Here we find love. Here we find genuine connection. Here we find friends. Here we find partners. Here we find ourselves.



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