“You’re Interviewing Them As Much As They Are Interviewing You”

This quotation is one I have always carried with me throughout various job interviews over the years. It is a reminder of our worth as well as of the power we possess in making our own decisions.

Currently, I am interviewing with real estate brokerages to find a fit for me. When making the decision to decline or accept a new position, we are forced to reflect back on our values.

What do we consider to be most important to us? Do we believe this company aligns with what is important to us?

“You’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.” I would even slightly disagree with this statement and argue that we are interviewing them MORE than they are interviewing us. A company does not know what we, as an individual, value. How could they? They only know what THEY are looking for a candidate to possess to be qualified for the ROLE.

But do they know that you value a flexible schedule because your daughter has piano lessons every other Wednesday night at 4pm? Do they know that you value mentorship over online teaching because you are better at learning hands-on? Or do they know that you value having a positive working environment over any pay-increase they may offer to you?

No. They don’t. Only you know what your values are and, conversely, a company can only know what their own values are. Interviewing is an opportunity for you to find out whether or not you and a company’s values are aligned. So, back to my point. You are interviewing THEM, first and foremost.

As a pre-interview exercise, I would suggest writing out the values that are important to you. Though money is important, I do encourage you to think of values beyond the monetary. This will hopefully provide a clearer understanding about what you would be looking to hear, see and question for before going into the interview room. .

In considering my current options with this in mind, I have to trust my gut, to a degree, to cue as to whether or not my values are harmonious in this decision. I personally can physically feel angst in my gut when something is not agreeing with me (beyond the hot falafel sauce I had for lunch), so in making this decision, I trust it.

The values I consider most important in making this decision are the following:

  • Support
  • Responsiveness
  • Mentorship
  • Professionalism
  • Growth/ Learning
  • Personal-worth
  • Goal-setting/ ability to fulfill my personal goals

After this reflection, I believe I have made my decision.

The company will take you, but will you take them?


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