10 Minute Workout!

Many have the misconception that we have to allot at least an hour for a workout or it’s just not worth it. This misconception leads to the belief that there is just not enough time to get in shape. Nonsense! Below is a workout that is part of my morning workout routine to get the day started. Many days it is the only workout I do. And guess what… I am able to do it right in my bedroom! No driving to the gym, waiting for the gym to open (it has happened more times than you would think) or getting changed into gym clothes if you don’t want to!

The workout below takes about 10 Minutes.

15 reps – Lunges

15 reps- Pushups

15 reps- Standing sidekicks (each legs)

15 reps- Squats

Repeat 3X


Have a good workout!

Share your results and comment below!

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