Expressing gratitude can be one of the most powerful and mind-priming practices one can do to begin the day. As so accurately claimed by Tony Robbins, we cannot be angry or sad if we are simultaneously expressing gratitude, what we are thankful for. With this in mind, each day I begin journaling three things I am grateful for the moment I wake up. Oftentimes, I find myself writing on and on, becoming of a scroll of gratitude.

I know… Many of you might be saying, “Oh my gosh, how LAMEE. It is not possible to be happy all of the time. What a joke. This can never work for me. I have too much hurt in my life.” Well, you are right. We cannot be happy all of the time. However, no matter how much hurt or difficultly we might be experiencing in life, how much of that is being experienced in this very moment? You might be surprised to realize…. Not much. Before we let the world get to us, we should recognize all we have in the moment. Not all of the ruckus that we might experience in the day to come, all we lack in our lives. What good does it do to start the day with the anticipation of traffic, annoying co-workers, angry cashiers, and the multitude of frustrations inevitability to come.

Instead follow this similar practice. Gratitude. In the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, she even encourages keeping a Gratitude Journal. However, in reality, we can express gratitude just by taking a moment while sitting in that traffic or brushing our teeth to think about all we have to be thankful for. Personally, I keep a journal.

This is mine for today….

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. I have loving and supporting family and friends.
  2. Having the opportunity to travel for work. (Currently in Puerto Rico- Check out my Instagram @the4amhour)
  3. Publishing my first post on The 4AM Hour!

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