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“Amor Fati- ‘Love Your Fate’, which is in fact your life'”. — Fredrich Nietzche.


The sun rose as I finished reading a passage in Ryan Holiday’s book The Daily Stoic this morning. I gazed at the sun in the distance, and pondered on today’s message to always remain a student for, “It is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows”- Epictetus. This made me realize that keeping a personal journal is a great form of expression, but not sharing or exchanging thoughts with others is a hindrance to learning and gaining perspective. Thus, I was then inspired to begin this online journal to serve as a platform to share thoughts, writings and ideas.

The name of this online journal is inspired by my morning goal to rise at 4AM. These categories- Expressions- Experiences- Books- Health- Three Things- are all representative of my personal morning routine, which consists of free writing, expression of gratitude, a workout or stretch and reading/ listening to a book.

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